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Semi-Automatic Flexografic Printing Press 3 colours – 150 mm. width

Capable to print: 

  • PVC
  • OPP
  • Pre-Treated – Acrylic Water Basis  

The operator functions: 

  • Load the material (inks – cliché – tape – carton cores)
  • Set up and monitor the printing stations and feeding ink when needed
  • Set up the slitting station
  • At the end of the desired printing length cut the material, discharge the printed rolls and load the empty cores on which will be attached the material to continue printing operation  

380 Volts – 50 Hz – 3-Phase (other voltages on request)
Cast Iron Support Frame
Safety Guards all over the machine except the rewinding shafts.

When safety doors are opened the L33 stops and it can run pushing Start bottom at impulses.

No-noise panels all around the machine.

  • Air-expanding 3” i.d. frictioned un-winder for PP tape
  • Noise reducer/Low Tape alarm pressure roller
  • Incorporated Corona Treatment unit
  • Ventilation/Suction system for Corona Treatment
  • Magic eyes for tape breakage alarm  
  • 3 Printing Stations complete with metal screened rollers and printing cylinders with gears for 150,7 mm print repeat
  • Adjustable bracers for each printing station
  • Thermo-adjustable Teflon covered central drum
  • Individual adjustable Suction air fan for each printing stat.
  • Horizontal Ventilation/Suction tunnel for colours drying
  • Vertical Ventilation/Suction tunnels for colour drying
  • Slitting station with razor blades from the adhesive side
  • Twin turrets re-winders with 2 mandrels for 3” i.d. cores each rotating at the pre-selected tape roll length


Accessories Included

  • 9 additional different cliché cylinders with gears
  • 3 x Z60 = 188,4 mm printing repeat length
  • 3 x Z80 = 251,2 mm “ “ “
  • 3 x Z100 = 314 mm „ „ „
  • other sizes replacing the above mentioned on request
  • Cliché mounting device
  • Set of spacers for slitting blade holders setting
  • 152 mm rubber roller for fload coating
  • 50 mm. paper tab dispenser + 30.000 paper tabs
  • Set of spare parts

Training Included for one operator before the machine shipment  

This is essential to understand the machine usage and maintenance and optimize its productivity; it’s also required to completely set up the machine according to the materials (tapes – inks – solvents) that you would like to use.