SIAT is the market leader for taping machines, and we are recognized all over the world for the quality of our products. For this reason, we also have the important task of leading our sector not only in words but also in deeds.

Innovation is one of our most important and founding values of our company, and it is from these roots that the idea of the NASTRO SB™family was born.

We have therefore created this project, a completely new family of side belt taping machines (SB, is precisely the acronym for Side Belts) that could give the best on all its most important variables, all protected by an international patent: a better use for the operator, higher productivity, and the ability to exchange data with today’s interconnected world.

It is precisely on this last element, the interconnection that we want to focus the attention. We are once again forerunners in our sector, launching for the first time a range of 4.0 taping machines which, on the one hand, allows, even only through the panel of the L and R models, to see the production data, the alarms and the machine stops and on the other hand, through the cloud-based portal OptiRun, to have access to this data and many other statistics from your computer.

Another important element of our NASTRO SBis that with this range the green vocation of the company is once again underlined.

These machines have, in fact, been designed with an energy saving system that switches off the machine when it is not in use.

We are truly proud of this new family of product that will kick off a long series of changes that will lead our company to have the best technology and maintain the state of the art in its sector for the future as well.


Where R stands for “Random”.

These are the semi-automatic machines with automatic sizing, derived from the XL45, XL46, SM48. For the NASTRO-SB™ R5 – R6 we have been able to build a safe machine even without the side protections (now optional) and thus making the operator’s work more ergonomic.

Using a high-quality pneumatic unit, combined with the customized electronic board that boasts the intellectual property of SIAT, these machines are also able to increase production capacity compared to the old models and exchange data / information with the network, as well as save electricity when not in use in stand-by mode and stop the machine due to tape end / break alarm.

The NASTRO-SB™ R8 version, which for reasons of size will still have side protections, will also be available in the R8H version with double motorization to manage boxes up to 1.3 meters high.

We have also worked on the names of the machines, so that they can be easily used both by all the staff of our company but also for those who work for us and for those who buy our products.


Where L stands for “Logic”.

The NASTRO-SB™ L5-L6-L8 are new models with manual adjustment based on the M series but are equipped with an electronic board and photocells capable of taping a box with a variable speed, increasing the total production capacity up to 70%.

They are also equipped with a standard energy saving system and an IoT gateway that allows the exchange of data between the machine and our cloud based OptiRun portal with the possibility of exchanging production data, alarms, machine downtime and above all the real-time monitoring of machine consumption.


Where M stands for “Manual”.

The new generation of NASTRO-SB™ M5-M6 derives from XL35, XL36 and NASTRO-SB™ M8, a new model never made before, with manual adjustment but more robust and able to work hard and continuously, manages up to a maximum box width of 800 mm.


The NASTRO-SB™ X5 is the evolution of the S8 model – with a maximum of 500 mm manageable box width – which brings with it some of the improvements present in the entire NASTRO SB™ portfolio, such as the new system for removing the taping heads, the more solid structure, and the possibility drive belt change without metal joints.



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