Within the large exhibition setting of FIERA MILANO RHO, the 2022 edition of IPACK-IMA was held from May 03 to 6; with over 74,000 visitors, it was the international benchmark event for market professionals.

IPACK-IMA went beyond the best expectations; there were 166 exhibitors of which 76% were Italian, 59,837 professional traders from over 122 countries, and nearly 400 internationally accredited trade journalists!

In four days, our booth was visited by numerous visitors, more than 160 were direct contacts from customers from all over the world motivated in requesting information about our product range and the many new products presented in this edition.

A great success that confirmed SIAT as a leading company for innovation and sustainability.

Great interest was shown in AQUA™, the revolutionary water-activated gummed paper tape taping unit; a true innovation that makes SIAT a pioneer in the field of environmentally sustainable products.

Specifically designed to fit into all existing SIAT machines, including those of the new NASTRO-SB™ series, it guarantees a perfect, secure, and tamper-proof sealing.

Presented at the fair it was also mounted on the NASTRO-SB™-L5, the SIAT’s new range of semi-automatic taping machines designed and engineered by SIAT specifically for small, medium, and large fixed boxes with on-board logic.

Great curiosity also by VENTO™, the innovative pneumatic taping unit capable of handling even underfilled boxes or those with holes in the portion to be taped.

Designed to be fitted on all SIAT machines with logic on board, it was presented at the show mounted on the NASTRO-SB™-R6, the SIAT new range of semi-automatic random taping machines for small, medium, large and king-size boxes.

Another major innovation presented to the public is BoxMaster™.

The new automatic forming machine designed by SIAT to form and seal the bottom of boxes with both adhesive tape and hotmelt.

The easy storage of boxes in the innovative external warehouse, the production flexibility and the infinitely customizable programs with advanced settings make it a state-of-the-art flexible solution.

As next-generation pallet wrapper at our booth was presented the ProWrap, a semi-automatic rotary table wrapping machine, a model of versatility and efficiency capable, thanks to the VIKING™ carriage, of optimizing film consumption and ensuring full control of all wrapping parameters throughout the entire cycle.

The ergonomic and intelligent design of SIAT’s pre-stretch systems allows a safe reel loading and quick and easy setup, giving the possibility to reach pre-stretch values from 100 to over 400%, ensuring huge savings and film optimization.

Thanks to all the people who worked and contributed to this edition and to all the colleagues who visited the SIAT booth helping to confirm the success and the interest in our new products.

See you again in 2025!



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