Interpack, the world’s leading trade fair for packaging, back in 2023 after many years of absence, brought together industry professionals, innovators and exhibitors from around the world. This highly awaited event held every three years in Düsseldorf, Germany, serves as a platform to present the latest advances, trends and solutions of the packaging industry.

Interpack 2023 was an unprecedented meeting of industry experts, and offered a unique opportunity for networking, knowledge exchange and business development. The event characterized by the presence of exhibitors representing various industries, including food and beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, confectionery and industrial packaging.

The importance of Interpack goes beyond the exhibition halls. It serves as a catalyst for driving innovation, promoting collaborations and shape the future of the packaging industry. Bringing together key stakeholders, industry leaders and decision makers, Interpack serves as a melting pot of ideas and inspiration, opening the way to breakthroughs that redefine the packaging landscape.

In addition, Interpack demonstrates the commitment of the industry toward sustainability and environmental responsibility. With an increased focus on packaging environmentally friendly, waste reduction and circular economy principles, the event shows the industry’s efforts to address global challenges such as pollution from plastics and the resources exhaustion.

This year INTERPACK hosted about 2,700 companies from all over the world and more than 140,000 visitors, confirming itself as the world’s most important fair within our industry. SIAT once again presented itself with highly successful innovations, proving to be a pioneer in machinery capable of processing sustainable consumables such as WAT tape, paper tape and films with a high percentage of recycled material.

A rigorous example that has gained much interest is NASTRO AQUA™, the revolutionary taping machine for gummed paper tapes. The NASTRO ACQUA taping system offers the possibility of using WAT tape for professional use, thus realizing the goals of productivity and eco-sustainability with the possibility of making single-material packaging when using non-reinforced tape.

At the fair it was also presented the VENTO taping unit, the pneumatic solution for the most difficult boxes, empty or with unevenness. Designed to be mounted on the NASTRO SB ™ and on machines with SIAT logic. In representation of the pallet wrapping line, SIAT presented: ProWrap+, the new automatic wrapping solution for automated lines and higher performances and also BeeWrap with Laser Scanner, a solution suitable for heavy items, unusual shapes and large dimensions loads but also for absolute safety of the operator who, upon entering the working area of the machine, stops it, giving a restart signal only once exited the delimited area.

Finally, our booth dedicated a space also to our associate company Combi, which gave us the opportunity to show the integration of one of their best-selling formers, installed in line with our automatic SM11 taping machine. A big thank to all the people who worked and contributed to the realization of this edition of INTERPACK 2023 and to all colleagues and collaborators who have visited the SIAT booth and contributed to confirm the success and interest for our products.



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