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Siat: who we are

Siat S.p.A. is the market leader manufacturing company producing machines for packaging industry. With production site located in North of Italy it is affirmed as quality leader in the market segment related to taping equipment (automatic and semiautomatic), stretch wrappers, strapping machines, flexographic machines and tape dispensers. As a company based on innovation, we believe that our talents located all over the world, provide fresh ideas on how to best serve our customers. By listening to our customers and analysing their needs, we continuously set new and higher industry standards.


Our mission is to go ahead in being established and internationally recognized company for the design production and supply of high-tech equipment, auxiliary material and industrial packaging services in the application of adhesive tape, wrapping and strapping, proposing technical solutions for cost optimization, maximizing safety, performance, creating shared added value at the service of our partners.
We are strongly convinced to pursue this following our vision: we believe that the future of the packaging includes for sure a strong cooperation with our customers to find together the most suitable solution tailor made for each need. The ideal packaging machine will be able to supply sustainable solution an integrated information system, a proactive service that will allow to create added value using the innovation and the reliability that are own of Siat.


We do believe in people as people are the highest asset in the company.
Our people need to share our values and our mentality on which the company is built up:
  • Professionalism is our working way
  • Trust is our approach
  • Satisfaction is our feeling
  • Growth is our achievement
  • Innovation is our driver
  • Reliability is our reputation
  • Integrity is our credo
  • Creativity is our strategy
  • Sustainability is our view
  • Together is our best weapon

History of Siat

Our roots

Founded in 1970, Siat has always been covered a leadership position in the packaging industry. Driven by sustainable innovation we have been inventing several solutions for the packaging as the tape dispensers or the innovative fast changing taping head. From our milestones can be seen as a continuous improvement path has been followed over the years and let siat be what you can experience today: your reliable partner for packaging equipment.


SIAT introduces his first example of Automatic Case Erector


SIAT acquired by M.J. Maillis Group – Initiation of COMBI: SIAT & 3M Joint Venture


Start of Automatic Stretch Wrapper machines business


SIAT & Columbia strapping tools merge


SIAT enlarges further the plant of Turate for the production of all machines


Re-layout of the Company for a smoother production flow


Siat Achieves Full Ownership of Combi Packaging Systems


Ongoing products development. Innovative upgrade of all product features and design.

Our Environmental Approach

An environmentally responsible action is an essential part of sustainable business growth.
The environmental impact from the operations is typically managed by:

  • measuring and monitoring raw material and utilities use, as well as, the corresponding generated waste streams
  • ensuring that materials are properly stored to minimize environmental damage
  • reducing use of hazardous materials
  • utilizing lean production techniques
  • recycling waste, targeting 100% recycling rates
  • re-using transit packaging within contract and industry constraints

Furthermore SIAT in an effort to minimize the indirect impact of the use of its packaging products on the environment is developing packaging concepts that target to reduce the packaging waste of its customers and their energy consumption, is designing higher energy efficient packaging machines and developing products targeting 100% recyclability.

Finally, the company is communicating its environmental policy both internally to its employees through induction and training, as well as, externally to its suppliers, customers, contractors and visitors.

SIAT Environmental Policy

Our Policies

Siat is aware that the authority of a company is recognized not only by the competence of its employees and the high quality of service rendered to its customers but also by its attention to the needs of the entire community.
Siat is committed to acting responsibly and maintaining high personal, business, and legal standards.
Our goal is to pursue excellence in the market in which we operate, through sustainable development, respect for and vigilance of human rights, and the safety and quality of our products and services.


People is our biggest asset. We strongly believe that the any successful company is successful because can count on the commitment and passion of its employees. Entering in Siat you will find a lots of opportunities and all of them will challenge your curiosity and your passion for innovation and for giving your contribution to concrete improvement in our partner working life.

You will be working in a international environment, and you will be responsible since the beginning of your career path, having the full support of all your colleagues in growing!

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