BeeWrap NEWS

BeeWrap NEWS

More News From The Wrapping Range!

  • Pursue the same family feeling with the OneWrap
  • Simplify the machine
  • Have an easy HMI
  • Save time by storing frequent programs
  • Improve  flexibility

These are the main points why we have renewed the BeeWrap in spite of the recent launch of the previous version.


  1. Complete control of the wrapping cycle
  2. Round and big pallets wrapping programs
  3. Saving of 10 programs ready to use
  4. Complete control of the machine status
  5. Fancy look and easy-to-use HMI


The main improvements? On the control panel!

  • Opportunity to wrap very large and round pallets, including loads with empty sections
  • New settings section to set all the wrapping parameters
  • Possibility to store up to 10 programs. Just one gesture to recall them!
  • New interactive section to access any information or to communicate with the machine
  • New captivating design


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