SIAT was founded in 1970.



  • 1970
Starts the activity with Case Sealing Machine
  • 1982
SIAT begins production of Semi-Automatic Case Erectors
  • 1988
Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers expand the range of product offered by SIAT
  • 1994
SIAT introduces his first example of Automatic Case Erector
  • 2000
SIAT acquired by M.J. Maillis Group – Initiation of COMBI: SIAT & 3M Joint Venture
  • 2003
Start of Automatic Stretch Wrapper machines business
  • 2009
SIAT & Columbia strapping tools merge
  • 2014
SIAT enlarges further the plant of Turate for the production of all machines
  • 2018
Restructuring for a lean company layout
  • Now
Ongoing products development. Innovative upgrade of all product features and design.