Flexographic Printers accessory

FLEXOPOL is a Flexographic Printing Press Accessory.

The machine produces typographic cliché realized from photopolymer water washable plates.

Key features

  • Maximum sheet dimensions: 350 mm x 500 mm
  • Plates thickness: 1,5 mm or 1,7 mm
  • Working procedure (30 minutes): controlled by digital control panel
  • Vacuum exposure through U.V. with diffusion foil
  • Forced air cooling lamps
  • Washout tank with flat brushes
  • Brushes height adjustable and water temperature controlled by a thermostat
  • Twin drawers drying system with controlled temperature from 0°C to 90° C
  • In order to operate the machine, besides the power and water supply is needed an object negative (black & transparent slide) to be printed
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