Flexographic printers

The L444 model is an automatic flexographic printing press for the 4-colour printing of adhesive tape, straps end of each sleeve applying and automatic packing of printed tape onto sleeves. By avoiding the Corona treatment, the machine can also print adhesive paper or gummed paper.
L444/150/TC/CE: fully automatic flexography printing press 4 colours – 150 mm. width
Capable to print: PVC, OPP (Pre-Treated, Solvent, Hot-Melt, Acrylic Water & Solvent Basis), ADHESIVE PAPER


  • checkEasy & friendly digital control panel
  • checkElectronic meter counter
  • checkElectronic web tape guide
  • checkAutomatic tab applying device for 300 mm max rolls diameter

Key features

  • 4 colors
  • 4 drums on which the tape pass through to be printed
  • Multiple setting device by razor blades
  • Automatic change of the log roll with tape cut & attach
  • Corona treatment (optional) with ventilation/suction system
  • Electronic web guide tape alignment
  • Heated motorized cylinders (temperature adjustable)
  • 4 printing stations equipped with metal screened rollers & printing cylinders
  • Drying hot air tunnel between each printing station with pushing & suction air system
  • Double horizontal ventilation/suction tunnel for colors drying
  • Cliché holder cylinders with lengthwise and axial register adjustment possibility
  • Main drying hot air tunnel with thermoregulator
  • Automatic paper tab attachment
  • Air blower for tape cooling before slitting
  • 3 rewinding mandrels 3″ diameter
  • Automatic cutting at the end of the roller with tab positioning checkout
  • Automatic rewinding mandrel discharge after the cutting and positioning of the new core
  • Safety guards all over the machine with limit switches to stop the machine once opened
  • External Touch Screen control panel with all temperatures, speeds and machine outputs adjustable


Automatic core loader
Corona Treatment for acrylic and polypropylene tape printing

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