Flexographic printers

L46 is a Four Colors Flexographic Printer.
The L46-150 TC-CE model is a semi-automatic flexographic printing press for the 4-colour printing of adhesive tape, the tape cutting and rewinding in preset widths and lengths. By avoiding the Corona treatment, the machine can also print adhesive paper or gummed paper.
Working cycle: the machine unwinds, Corona treats, prints, cuts and rewinds the tape; it slows down and turns automatically the rewind turrets when the present length is reached.
Capable print: PVC, OPP, ADHESIVE PAPER (Pre-Treated, Solvent, Hot-Melt, Acrylic Water & Solvent Basis)

Key features

  • 4 colors
  • 2 extra stations
  • 1/2 starting mandrels
  • Central impression drum
  • Width and length roll 150 mm – max. diameter 420 mm
  • Slitting device by razor blades
  • Corona treatment on tape surface
  • 4 drying hot air tunnels with electric resistors
  • Speed control and adjustment from 0 to 160 m/min by Inverter
  • Anti-accident protection preset for the exhaustion of solvents
  • Ventilation system (4 motor fans)
  • Exhaust system (5 suction fans)
  • Printed tape rewinding on change-over turrets
  • Primer station
  • Release station


Can be either equipped with a Corona treatment module

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